CNN’s Don Lemon asked the Senior Editor of the Islamic Monthly if he supports ISIS. Yes, he did.

In my teaching career, I have never actually had anyone ask me about my sympathies related to Muslim-majority countries, causes, political movements, the benefit of halal marshmallows, whatever. Once, during the semester that I taught “Islam in America,” a student wrote in his evaluation,”Professor Jerome is an apologist for radical Islam.” I still have that evaluation and it’s a beauty. Happily, no one on national television has ever asked me if I’m an apologist for radical Islam. When I heard about Arsalan Iftikhar’s interview with Don Lemon,  in the midst of the Charlie Hebdo horrors, I started to feel a little wistful. During the interview, Lemon straight-up asks the Senior Editor of the Islamic Monthly (and Human Rights Attorney, FYI) a super hard hitting question: “Do you support ISIS?” That’s like going on National Television, interviewing the Pope and asking him if he supports the Klan. You can see the entire interview here at The Muslim Guy. It really must be seen to be believed.



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